"As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ and empowered  by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow  in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, society, and the world." 
What we do...    
Quilting: We meet every Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall. If you enjoy sewing, tying knots, and great fellowship, please come join us! Quilts are donated to LINUS Project, Lutheran World Relief, local first responders and fire departments, various charities and benefits. We are always looking for clean sheets, blankets and fabrics. 
Kits of Care: Buy one or more of the items needed and bring them to church!  Personal Care Kits:  (1) Large dark-colored bath towel; (2) Bath-size bars of soap; (1) Toothbrush; (1) Large-tooth comb; (1) nail clipper with file attached;  School Kits:  (4) Notebooks; (1) Blunt Scissors; (1) Ruler with inches & centimeters; (1) Pencil sharpener; (5) Pencils w/erasers; (1) Eraser; (1) Box of 16-24 crayons; (5) Ball point pens; Baby Care Kits:  (2) Shirts; (2) Gowns or sleepers - not footed; (2) Receiving blankets; (4) Cloth diapers; (1) Sweater or hooded sweatshirt; (1) Large dark towel; (2) Bath-size bars of soap; (2) Safety pins; (1) Baby cap; (2) Pair of socks  
Funerals: We provide cakes, salads, and servers for the funeral lunch.
Apple Pies: Area churches have a cooperative fundraiser during Galesville's annual Apple Affair. Apples are gathered, peeled and baked for the apple pie ecumenical fundraiser held in October.



Blessings for children and families are packed into a shoebox! Samaritan's Purse delivers God's message and filled shoe boxes to those in need around the world. You can help by simply filling your own shoe box and bringing in to church or by joining a group of volunteers in filling shoe boxes at church. Items needed: crayons, activity books, decks of cards, jacks, small cars/trucks, balloons, pens, pencils, small notebooks, comb/brush, toothbrush, bars of soap, jewelry, barretts, games, dice. We CANNOT pack liquids, chocolate, war toys or candy.


The Cash for Class scholarship committee hosts an annual spring thrift sale to fund scholarships for congregational and community high school graduating seniors. The sale is held every year in early April. Sale items fill the fellowhip hall, stage, classroom, and the yard. 

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Fun-filled family Halloween activity involving handing out candy from decorated car trunks. A hot dog meal is served in the church narthex to allow families to warm up and mingle.  Come join the fun.


Simply add your donation to the bin in the narthex. Check the Reminder Bulletin Board each week for the featured food item! 


The Community Giving Tree is a Christmas outreach event that brings gifts of shoes, boots, clothing and winter outerwear to the children of the G-E-T school district by way of the G-E-T Kloset. Gifts also include plants and gift bags for shut-ins.


500!...Homemade cookies are provided to Common Ground, the Lutheran Campus Ministry at UW-LaCrosse. God's love is spread to students......one cookie at a time!


Zion Lutheran Congregation is blessed with a dedicated and caring group of member volunteers that bring fellowship and communion to shut-ins and long-term care facility residents.


Ride your motorcycle to this summer service that includes an individual blessing of you, your rider, and your bike. Next, start your engines and enjoy a scenic ride!